Riverbend Farm, Locust, Midland, North Carolina


$5.50 per student

$5.50 per parent

(1 teacher & 1 assistant free per class)

(.50 has been added to our admission price as an "entertainment tax" levied by the State of NC)

On Your Own Learning Centers:

  • Our 10 foot Holstein Cow "Millie" has some questions for you to answer
  • Corn Crib
  • IH Tractor - "pretend driving"
  • IH Combine - "Pretend driving"
  • Barn with animals
  • Goat Walk - Boehr Goats
  • Outside the Barn - Heritage Turkey displays
  • . . . and maybe some surprises!!!

Fun Activities To Do!

  • Picnic lunch on the Playground
  • Unlimited time to play on the Playground
  • Try to walk in the Magic Pumpkin!!!
Welcome to Riverbend Farm

Dates: October 1st - October 31st, Monday - Friday.
Reservation Times: 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.


pumpkinWhen placing a reservation, please have an accurate count of children and parents. Call (704) 888-2891 to reserve a time and date. If you must cancel, call 2 weeks in advance so another group may make a reservation.

Click here to download Check In Form in PDF format.

funny roosterSchool Tours Include:

A wagon ride to the fields to pick your pumpkin. A guide will be given to each teacher to help her class navigate the educational exhibits.

New rules for Daycares and School Farm Tour Groups

  1. While one teacher is checking in, the other teachers will unload their children from the bus or busses and line them up as a group. At this time each teacher will be given their schedule for their tour. Admission this year is $5.50 per parent and child.
  2. All tours will begin with a wagon ride to the pumpkin field. Go to the big shed below the parking lot to get your pumpkin bag. Your teacher or a parent will hand one bag to each child and parent. Once the empty wagon stops, the teacher may lead her class onto the wagon. A sign will be inside the entrance to tell the riders how to be safe on the wagon. Each guest may pick one pumpkin.
  3. We have a large golf cart which will help you get your lunches to a shelter. We do not reserve shelters for your group. We operate on a "first come, first serve" basis.
  4. Possible Schedule:
    1. Pumpkin wagon ride
    2. See the farm animals and visit the exhibits.
    3. Bathroom Break and Hand Washing - remember to wash your hands first and then dry them under the dryer.
    4. Lunch on the playground. Reread #4 above for the details.
    5. Pretend to drive the BIG Tractor and the HUGE Combine! Do not forget about THE SLIDES!!
    6. Late parents will be offered a golf cart ride to the pumpkin fields if their child is still in the field.

Call (704) 888-2891 to make a reservation for your class.